Wooden mixed map pins/magnets

Wooden mixed map pins/magnets

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Cute wooden map push pins are perfect for personalising maps and notice boards. Also available as magnets.

They are designed to personalise your map or any notice board, show off important life events, where you live, got engaged, married, where you have loved on your travels and even some cheeky arrows to show off where you want to go next.

Each pale wooden push pin is laser cut and individually sanded down then attached to a high quality push pin or magnetic backing.

The set includes 8 hearts, 1 house, 1 engagement ring, 1 wedding ring and four lettered arrow pins.

This item is sharp, keep away from children.

Heart; H 1.5 x W 1.5 x D 0.3 cm
House; H 2 x W 1.5 x D 0.3cm
Engagement ring; H 2 x W 1.5 x D 0.3cm
Wedding ring; H 2.5 x W 1.5 x D 0.3cm
Arrows; H 4 x W 2 x D 0.3cm
Pin length; 1cm