London push pin or magnet set

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London inspired pins or magnets. Featuring the 10 landmarks and scenes I most recognise in London. 
Perfect with your London map notice board or to add a splash of personality to any notice board.

In each pack you will get 10 London landmark pins or magnets;
1 London bus
1 Big ben
1 Guard in a box
1 Underground sign
1 phone box
1 post box
1 tower bridge
1 London eye
1 taxi
1 St Pauls

Each pale wooden push pin is laser cut and then individually sanded down and attached to a high quality push pin or magnetic backing depending on the finish you select.

The set includes 10 pins or magnets.

This item is sharp keep away from children.

London bus- length; 3.2cm width; 2.5cm
Big ben- height; 4.2cm width; 1.1cm
Guard in a box; height; 4cm width; 1.5cm
Underground sign; length; 2.2cm width; 2.9cm
phone box; height; 3.3cm width; 1.5cm
post box; height; 3cm width; 1cm
tower bridge; length; 4.2cm width; 2.6cm
London eye; length; 3.2cm width; 3.2cm
taxi; length; 2.1cm width; 2.2cm
St Pauls; height; 3.2cm width; 2.5cm