Creating your perfect map

You've found us, you have decided you NEED a map and ohhhh you can personalise it... But agh I don't know what I want on it, help.
This by far is one of my most asked questions so I thought I would write a little blog post about the many many ways you can get the perfect map for you.
Classic family name map
It's a classic option and a lovely one. For couples your two names looks lovely and is always a popular gift option for engagements and weddings. Using your family name is a great option for a family. Why not look at our printed key map as a fun way to include all your adventures in one clever map.
Travel quotes
A classic choice is a well loved quote, I love a travel quote of course. Check out the many ideas on Pinterest or check out some of my favourites below.
Live your life by a compass, not by a clock
I do believe it's time for another adventure
Where to next?
What a wonderful world
You'll never know until you go
So much world, so little time
Oh darling, lets be adventurers
Let's get wonderfully lost
It doesn't matter where we go, as long as we are together
Always take the scenic route
Just go
Born to roam
Anniversary Ideas
My maps are the perfect anniversary gift of course, choose from cotton for a 2nd anniversary or linen for the 4th if you're going traditional.
Song lyrics- A lovely idea is some lyrics from your first dance, a lovely reminder of your special day. 
Passport stamps- Pop your names and wedding date in these gorgeous vintage style passport stamps. It keeps the map really special but also beautifully simple and ready to pop up all your adventure mementos plus you'll never forget your anniversary again! Have a look at my passport stamp map here; 
An in joke or saying
These maps always make me smile as I often have no idea what the joke is and that's perfect. It's YOUR map, no-one else needs to know why and these are the presents that are always a hit. 
Don't stop at the wording
Add in hearts or crosses for your favourite trips, add some fun embroidery to mark your memorable adventures. I have embroidered such gems as the Easter Island heads, a mini Statue of Liberty and everything in between! I love a challenge, so if you want a bespoke map drop me an email and I will let you know what I can do. 
Tell a story
Maps are so lovely for telling a story; have you done an epic road trip through the USA? A challenging walk in Scotland? A beer in every capital city in Europe or a bike ride through the desert? I can embroider your adventures on to a map for you to add photos and mementos. I have done some beautiful maps including one of my favourites which was marking all the customer's father's Navy years- the map had over 65 crosses to show where he docked, I even managed to embroider the outline of his ship so I am assured it was an absolute hit. Treasure those memories!
I hope this has given you some ideas, get in touch if you'd like something a bit different, I rarely say it's impossible!


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